Your Host


My name is Daryl and seventeen years ago I arrived on the Island and knew at once I was at home. Surrounded by the ocean and mountains I can't think of being anywhere else.

I became a member of Home Away in 2015.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Make yourself at home and go walking around the community.

I am an artist, naturalist and grizzly bear viewing guide! You are probably wondering how art, nature and grizzly bears are related?

Nature and my outdoor passions opened the doors to many of my art experiences. I am inspired by nature.

My relationship between art and nature is closely interwoven. I feel textile arts have been connected to the landscape for hundreds if not thousands of years.

I welcome you into my home where the walls are lined with original art, some of my own, from friends and fellow artists. Painting, weavings, woven paintings, stitched landscapes and wildlife photography.

Why This Property?

I purchased this property in 2002, what caught my attention was quietness of the neighbourhood and the walkability to Comox Downtown, Marina, Goose Spit and local shops and businesses.

It is only a 12 minute walk to the marina, which takes you past the golf course, tennis courts, coffee shops, library, art gallery, restaurants and shopping.

The recreation centre which offers a variety of classes and a fitness studio is a short walk away. . We are also 10 minutes from the airport.

And the short walk to the trails connecting the creek walk to the beach with ocean and mountain views. Nature abounds here in the green spaces and yards with deer grazing, numerous songbirds, singing and woodpeckers hammering. Sounds that can be heard throughout the neighbourhood.

Unique Benefits

The unique benefits of staying at Studio By The Links is walking distance of the golf course, tennis courts, marina, beach, recreation centre, library, art gallery, coffee shop, restaurants and shopping.

There is no need for a car. You could spend a week or more just exploring without getting into your car.

The several of the local community events such as Snow to Surf, Shellfish Festival, Nautical Days and the Filberg Arts Festival are held just a 10-15 minute walk away!

Check out Quiet Adventures page to find out more about the festivals and events and the activities.